Who we are

From Open Educational Resources to Open Educational Practice for Commons Community and Culture Projects.

OpenCCCP is an Erasmus+ KA2 project led by ​Transìt projectes in Barcelona, and involves ​City Mine(d) in London, ​Bond of Union in Palermo, ​Alternative Sociale in Iasi, and ​Tesserae in Berlin. Drawing on the experience of the previous Erasmus+ project ​EULER​, and on the conference ​Learning from Context,​ the focus of this project in on open knowledge transfer practices. In each city will be realised local training labs on the subject of cultural heritage and how to use heritage for community development purposes.

Trànsit Projectes

Trànsit Projectes mission is to facilitate the access to the social and cultural capital of the citizens by the empowerment of people, the support to organizations and territorial development and innovation. It combines the management of a number of cultural and community centres in Barcelona area, cultural and creative productions, a makerspace and international vocation, specially in Europe and Latin America.

contact: Òscar Martínez
+34 933194750

Bond of Union

Bond of Union is a social cooperative based in Palermo, Italy. It aims to promote the social development through the realisation of local and international educational projects with a focus on community empowerment, participative practices, culture, environment, professional training and international mobility. Non-formal education and international cooperation are our main tools.

contact: Paola Pizzo
+39 3886906229

Alternative Sociale

Alternative Sociale Association (AAS) is a Romanian non-profit organization dedicated to defending and promoting human rights through prevention, direct assistance and support for vulnerable groups, capacity building, research and advocacy on topics such as justice system reform, migration and labour mobility, youth and family, education.

City Mine(d)

Is an independent organization based in London and Brussels. Our aim is to involve citizens & local residents in urban development. We set up experiments across the sustainable development spectrum: economy, water, energy, governance and education. We build prototypes –like a spill-free tap, a Raspberry Pi-based water quality tester, a portable pedestrian crossing– organize action-research –about economics and urban governance– and bring people together on local and global issues.

contact: Jim Segers
+07905 93 33 11


Is an independent organization engaged in professional practice and research in the urban, social and media fields. It is a trans-disciplinary hub providing expertise and operative capacity in research, policy advising, communication, education, international cooperation, project development and management. It is based in Berlin and works both with local and international perspectives.

contact: Lorenzo Tripodi
+49 1773944163