Hiriki Plaza (Hiriki Square)

Name of the Project

Hiriki Plaza (Hiriki Square)

Country, City, Neighbourhood

Spain. Basque country, Donostia (San Sebastian)

Website or social media of the project


Who is developing the project?

Tabakalera. International Center for contemporary culture. Consortium of pu- blic administrations.

Brief description

The Hirikilabs Plaza open call for projects is a process in which anyone can bring project proposals related to technology and / or digital culture to be de- veloped at Hirikilabs in collaboration with other people. The philosophy of hi- rikilabs Plaza is the promotion of free culture, open design and sharing know- ledge.

Objectives of the Project

  • Building a space for meeting and developing projects that are built on the basis of interaction with people, groups and communities of practice in the environment.
  • Investigate, share and use the space, machinery and/or resources of Hiriki- labs in an open workshop format, to make creative ideas that evolve from the D.I.Y. a reality. (do it yourself) to D.I.W.O. (do it with others)

Tools and Methods

Projects Open Call.
All proposals must comply with the requirement that they be opened, shared or made visible in the form of a workshop.

What methodologies does the project use?

  • Open Call.
  • Digital Tools.
  • Design thinking.

General context

The projects developed at Hirikilabs Plaza are very diverse but all have in common the creative, critical and/or social use of technology. Experimenting new uses of technology, testing new supports, modifying, simplifying processes, making them accessible or seeking the use of technologies applied to everyday contexts.

The only condition for the projects developed in Hirikilabs Plaza is that they are opened, shared or made visible in the form of a workshop, presentation or through the internet, explaining the process in a blog, on a website, tutorials and/or sharing the digital files generated through open licenses.

Hirikilabs Plaza brings together restless people of a wide range of ages. You don’t need to have previous knowledge but an open attitude to learn and discover ha- ving fun and doing with others. It is possible to participate by proposing a project or supporting one that has responded to the call.

Selected tags about the project

  • Cultural agitation
  • Creativity
  • Technological sovereignty
  • DiWO
  • Critical social use of technology

How does it develop in time?

Two Open Calls each year.


Anyone who wants to participate.


A series of projects can be developed in process. The lab is open every Thursday from 16:00 to 20:00 for comming and collaborate with the running projects, and, if you wish, you can submit a project while an open call is acti- ve.

How is it evaluated?

Not identified evaluation process.

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